1. How will The P&rtners Reach Buyers? 


Using Compass’s proprietor technology, we are strategically connected to the Washington DC’s area entire brokerage community.  Using the Network tool, we can analyze your property across 350+ parameter to determine similar sold listings, identify the right brokers, and correspond with ideal prospective buyers through a series of email campaigns and target outreach. 

2. How will The P&rtners Market My Property? 

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Working with our in-house marketing team - we elevate the real estate aesthetic, and create a cohesive story around your property using beautiful photography, branded fact sheets, video, and more! Check out an example of our Marketing Timeline here.  

In addition, the Compass Insights dashboard empowers us to take a data-driven approach to selling your home. Armed with real-time  date about your listing’s traffic, our age can refine marketing and pricing strategy, and discover new lead-generating opportunities. 

3. How long before my property sells? 


Collaborate digitally with us to track homes similar to ours and monitor your competition, with our Compass Collections tool. Called the Pinterest of real estate, Collections lets you monitor the market in a centralized, visual, and collaborative space. 

4. How do I get started? 

Have more questions? Interested in a competitive market analysis of your home? Want to just sit down and explore your options, or simply meet the team? Contact Us Here